Unity With the Rest of Science

Evolution, as a substrate neutral process selecting for both biology and cultural norms, and game theory explain 1) how virtually all past and present enforced cultural norms (enforced moral standards) came to be selected for due to the synergistic benefits of cooperation in groups they provided, 2) why cultures expend so much effort to enforce cultural norms in order to maintain those benefits, 2) how our biology, in the form of our moral emotions such as empathy, loyalty, guilt, and conscience was selected for by its ability to motivate altruistic cooperation, 3) how much of our sense of well-being was  selected for based on its ability to motivate long term cooperation in groups, and 4) the rational justification for accepting the burdens of Altruistic Cooperation morality based on fulfilling common human instrumental desires best obtainable by cooperation in groups.

My claim that the primary reason that enforced cultural norms exist (their function) is “To increase the benefits of altruistic cooperation in groups” is dependent on, and consistent with, relevant elements in the rest of science.

Competing ideas for the primary reason why enforced moral standards exist include because they advocate: a) “pro-social behavior” of all kinds, including self-interested economic cooperation and b) altruistic restraint of conflict. Both alternatives lack Altruistic Cooperation’s full integration with relevant elements in the rest of science. 

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